Flip180 affiliate marketing program

Become a Flip180 Affiliate!

Partnering with Flip180’s Affiliate Reseller Program is an easy and effective method to generate new revenue from your content while helping startups grow! Earn up to $1,000 in reseller commission for each service purchase!

  • Earn no-fee commissions!
    • $2.50 for each new marketing-qualified lead (call or by form)
    • 8% on each lead resulting in a new sale – for up to 6 months
  • Raise commission percentage based on consistent performance
    • $100 bonus for each new affiliate reseller you bring us
  • Transparent account stats track leads, clicks, sales, + commissions
  • Monetize your content to drive and grow passive revenue
  • Email notifications when your account has new qualifying leads
  • Receive latest affiliate program news and tips to boost success
  • 90 day cookie window on all leads!
Flip180 affiliate marketing program
B2B Content Publisher
I have one or more websites with lots of content. I want to monetize my content to build a passive revenue stream for my business.
I have a large social media following and want services to recommend to my B2B / agency audience.
Agency or Consultant
My agency or I myself consult clients on worthwhile services from reputable companies I believe in.
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